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Welcome to the world of mineral spheres.

The purpose of this website is to present my polished mineral spheres collection coming from all over the world.
They are approximately 220 spheres in my collection. I try to select the most aesthetic spheres as possible. Mineralogical interest and originality are also important in my choice.
The size of the spheres of my collection is between between 2 and 6 inches.The majority is around 3.5 inches.
Alphabetical order has been chosen first for the Gallery. A classification by country and by chronological number according to the purchase date will be proposed in the future.
Some months, a sphere will be put in the foreground with several pictures showing it from different angles.

From time to time some sphere will be available on this site for exchange.

Last updates :
06/04/2015 : 15 new spheres added
Page 1 : Agate, Serbia
Page 2 : Amethyst, Madagascar
Page 5 : Citrine, Brazil ; Chrysoprase, Australia
Page 6 : Cobalto calcite, Morocco
Page 8 : Eudialyte, Greenland - under natural light and under UV light
Page 9 : Fluorite, Argentina
Page 10 : Galene - Chalcopyrite - Quartz
Page 13 : Limonite - Cuprite - Cuivre - Malachite - Azurite, Russia
Page 17 : Pentagonite, India ; Pyrites, Peru
Page 18 : Star rose Quartz, Madagascar
Page 23 : Spinelle - Clinohumite - Calcite, Tajikistan
Page 25 : Willemite, Sweden - under natural light and under UV light


Thank you and enjoy.

The Spheresmaster.

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